48V AC LiFePo4 Battery Charger

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Charge rate: 10A (Water proof)
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Why do I need this?


There are a few reason why you may require an AC to DC charger, the first is back up. Sometimes (But rare) you may find that battery voltage could drop below the minimum required voltage which the inverter requires. Although this is usually corrected by adjusting the inverter setting, you may want the option to boost up the batteries to a usable state. 


You may also find that the minimum charge current which some inverters draw may be larger then what your generator may be able to handle. The rule of thumb is that your generator should be 1.5X  the size of you inverter's charge rate. So for example if the AC charge rate of your inverter is 100A this means that at 48V you will be charging at a rate of 48 X 100 = 4800W (or more accurately we use the nominal voltage of 51.2V which makes this 5120W). In this case we would want a generator with a minimum capacity of 8Kw (8000W) to be on the safe side. But what if we only have a 5Kw generator, that is where we would add an external battery charger ;)


Lastly, what if you only use you batteries in the those warm summer months? well it is recommended that you top off any battery no matter of the chemistry at least once every three months. If you take your batteries away from your solar system, then you will need a way to charge them. 




1. Input voltage: 1 Phase 120VAC 50HZ/60HZ ± 2HZ

2. Output voltage: 48V (max charge voltage 58.4V) 10A

3. Apply to battery: Life-po4 battery

4. Waterproof : IP68 5. Charging Mode: CC, CV, Trickle/float

6. Conversion efficiency: ≥90 %( full capacity)

7. AC Input plug : US Socket; DC Connector : OT Circle plug,

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