48v 5000W SRNE All in one Solar kit - 2kw of Solar - Optional AC input (Grid, Generator, etc.) - Solar Cabin Kit, Bunkie kit

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Looking for the easiest way to get power to your cottage, tiny house, or off-grid project?  Powered by the all-in-one 48v 5000W SRNE unit [CSA Approved], it's never been easier. With this kit, you can start as small as one 5KW unit and as low as 1.2Kw of solar and expand for up to 5KW of solar power! You never know what the future may bring but you can always be ready.

1. A truly complete kit:  All the components of this kit have been carefully designed to work together as efficiently as possible. With this kit, you get everything you need from solar panels, inverter, charge controller, batteries, and all the necessary wiring and connection. If you upgrade the kit in any way by using the add-on menu, we will adjust all the components of the kit to work perfectly with your selection (the only thing that this system is missing is mounting hardware for the solar panels).

2. Always have power: With the option to hook up a backup power source such as the grid or a generator, you'll be able to always keep your battery source charging even when the sun is not in your favor. 

3. Compact design: With an 80ah solar charge controller, 5000w inverter and an automatic transfer switch all built-in into one compact unit.

4. Ability for growth: This kit is designed with your future in mind. Maybe it's time to add an AC or a heater. The 48v 5000w SRNE is designed to be stackable. So when it is time to expand your system doing so is now easier than ever. 

5. 48V system: 48V systems are more efficient as they require smaller wires, allow for faster charging, and overall tend to last longer and perform better.

6. Batteries INCLUDED! The base system comes with 5.12kw of battery storage.

Each kit comes with a wiring diagram and you can always reach out to our team with any questions that you may have at 1-888-421-5354

**Note this kit is meant for off-grid use only, please check with your local hydro company before hooking anything up to the grid or your home to ensure this meets your needs**


🌞  6 x 340 CS1H MADE IN CANADA SOLAR PANELS (Panels may vary depending on availability)

🌞 1 x 100ft of red and 100ft of black 10awg PV cable

🌞 1 x solar isolator switch (brand may vary based on availability)

🌞 1 x SRNE 5Kw 48V inverter charger

🌞 1 x 3ft Battery Cable set

🌞 1 x 48v 100ah SOK Battery


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