Solar Project: Jerome G. | Wasaga Beach, Ontario

"Sapir and his team at Solar Power Store really helped guide me through the project with all of the correct drawings, permits required, and a thorough installation. They made sure I got exactly what I needed from this solar system."  -  Jerome

Jerome's Story

In the heart of  Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, Jerome embarked on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. With a determined spirit and a vision for eco-conscious living, he made a momentous decision to embrace solar energy. A 9.3-kilowatt roof-mounted solar system, coupled with the powerful 15k-2P Sol Ark Hybrid inverter, became the heart and soul of his transformative project. To ensure uninterrupted energy flow and further efficiency, the system was complemented by a remarkable 20-kilowatt battery bank.

This ingenious setup not only met all the rigorous CSA and ESA code requirements but also offered Jerome a dual benefit. The solar panels diligently collected sunlight, channeling surplus energy back into the grid, offsetting his bills and making him a responsible contributor to the community's power needs. Additionally, the system served as an unyielding fortress during power outages, providing Jerome's home with a continuous power supply.

With the integration of batteries into his solar system, he unlocked the potential of time-of-use settings, capitalizing on ultra-low Ontario overnight rates. Charging the batteries during the night, he embraced the concept of cheap energy, powering his home during the day or redirecting the surplus back to the grid for further credits.

The Sol Ark 15k inverter proved to be the perfect companion for Jerome's solar aspirations. Equipped with a 200A by-pass, this exceptional device minimized space requirements while efficiently powering his entire home. The seamless blend of function and aesthetics brought a sleek, modern charm to Jerome's abode, reflecting his commitment to a cleaner, brighter future.

At Solar Power Store, we take pride in being a driving force behind this solar transformation. Our team of experts worked diligently to design a bespoke solar solution that catered to Jerome's unique needs, ensuring every aspect complied with the highest industry standards. If you, too, are eager to embrace the sun and make a lasting impact on the environment, book a free consultation with us today. Together, let's journey towards a future illuminated by sustainable energy and pave the way for a better world.