Power Up with Confidence: SOK 48V Server Rack Battery Earns the UL9540A Certification!

The SOK 48V battery is causing a sensation in the 48V battery market with its incredibly convenient and modular server rack design. Whether integrated into a data center, telecom room, or whole home backup system, this battery packs an impressive capacity into a minimal amount of space. Each module boasts a 5.12 kWh capacity, meaning that a system equipped with 5 batteries can effortlessly power heavy loads for extended periods.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Temperature Monitoring: Equipped with 5 temperature sensors to ensure protection against extreme temperatures.
  2. BMS Protection: Incorporates a pre-charge circuit to prevent potential damage to the Battery Management System (BMS).
  3. Seamless Communication: Supports RS485 and CANBus communication protocols, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of inverters. (Please ensure the appropriate communications cables are selected.)
  4. Quick and Easy Installation: Designed for rack mounting, allowing for swift and effortless setup.
  5. Long-Term Assurance: Comes with a comprehensive 10-year full warranty and offers a typical lifespan of 20 years.
  6. High-Capacity Cells: Utilizes cells rated for 80% capacity retention after 4000 cycles, even at a 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) with a 1C rate.
  7. Extended Cycle Life: Demonstrates typical capacity retention of 80% at a 0.5C rate, surpassing 7000 cycles at a 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD).
  8. Effortless Storage: Includes a 5-slot rack at no additional cost when purchasing a complete set of 5 batteries.
  9. Intelligent Battery Management: Equipped with a built-in Smart Battery Management System (BMS) for enhanced performance and efficiency.
  10. Easy Maintenance: User-friendly design allows for convenient servicing of cells and BMS.
  11. Certified for Safety: Holds UL1973 and UL9540A certifications, with UL9540 pending.

SOK has a longstanding reputation for delivering top-quality and safe designs at a value-conscious price point, and the SK48V100 battery pack continues this trend. This Grade A+ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack is specifically designed for easy installation in standard 19" EIA server-rack type battery enclosures or the custom-built SOK Server Rack.

This assembly combines a 16S (48V nominal) 5.12 kW-h LiFePO4 battery bank with a digital battery management system (BMS). The pairing ensures automated and maintenance-free battery operation, with a typical lifespan exceeding 4000 cycles. Additionally, the assembly supports full CAN bus and RS485 protocols for compatibility with most common 48V inverters, along with RS-232 control for PC configuration.

Use Applications

The SK48V100 battery is an excellent choice for medium to large-scale off-grid and grid-interactive energy storage systems (ESS), telecom and server room backup solutions, as well as mobile installations that necessitate a 48V battery.

This battery is specifically designed to meet the requirements of applications that prioritize reliability, expandability, quality, safety, and serviceability. With the capability to expand up to 15 modules per master battery, the SK48V100 allows for a substantial system size of 76.8 kW-h per battery cluster. In certain situations, multiple battery clusters can be interconnected to create even larger centrally managed systems, or they can be combined without communication for virtually limitless scalability.

Advantages of the SOK 48V Battery

Every product has a projected lifespan, indicating the expected duration during which it will remain functional. This duration can vary slightly depending on factors such as usage, environment, and the quality of construction. Failures can occur due to various reasons, including shipping damage, errors during installation, malfunctions in downstream equipment, natural aging, and unavoidable environmental factors like lightning.

Unlike other manufacturers of 48V server rack batteries, who do not account for potential failures, SOK Battery has taken a different approach. Many batteries available in the market are designed in a way that prevents user-serviceability and are permanently sealed using techniques like IR-Laser Welding of aluminum cell-interconnection busbars, plastic injection-molded cases, and permanent epoxy potting during assembly. While these methods may be suitable for single-use disposable products, they are not ideal for systems expected to last for decades. In the event of a failure within these permanently assembled packs, the entire module becomes unusable and needs to be disposed of as electronic waste, requiring a complete replacement. Any attempt to service such batteries would void the warranty, and the chances of successful repair are minimal.

This is where SOK distinguishes itself as a leading battery manufacturer. SOK Battery firmly believes that their batteries are an investment and should be durable over time. Unlike other options, the SOK Battery SK48V100 is engineered to allow every individual component within the battery pack to be field serviced using just a Phillips screwdriver and a 10mm wrench. Authorized service agents or end customers can easily replace any part inside the battery's casing, offering a convenient solution for those who prioritize battery maintenance and reliability. This approach reduces downtime and lowers repair costs for end customers while also minimizing the environmental impact by avoiding the generation of expensive and toxic waste.

What is the UL9540A Certification?

The UL9540A certification is a significant mark of safety and reliability for energy storage systems (ESS), including server rack batteries. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a globally recognized independent safety science organization that conducts rigorous testing and evaluation of products to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety.

The UL9540A standard specifically focuses on the safety of energy storage systems. It encompasses a range of requirements and tests that evaluate the system's performance under different conditions, including electrical and fire safety. The certification process involves thorough examination of various aspects such as electrical insulation, thermal management, fault conditions, and overall system reliability.

Receiving the UL9540A certification signifies that the SOK 48V 100Ah Server Rack Battery has undergone rigorous testing and has met the stringent safety criteria set by UL. This certification assures customers that the battery has been independently verified for its safety, reducing the risk of electrical hazards, fire, or other potential safety issues. It gives users peace of mind, knowing that they can rely on the battery's performance and that it has undergone extensive testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

In summary, the UL9540A certification provides an important assurance of safety and reliability for the SOK 48V 100Ah Server Rack Battery, confirming that it has passed comprehensive testing and meets the stringent requirements set by UL for energy storage systems. To learn more about this certification by Interetek, read the official report here!

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