Ontario Launches New Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Price Plan to Empower Solar Power Consumers

As renewable energy continues to gain momentum, Ontario has taken a significant step forward in supporting sustainable energy consumption. The province recently announced the launch of its groundbreaking Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Price Plan, aimed at revolutionizing the way Ontario residents consume and save on energy. This exciting development brings forth numerous benefits for solar power enthusiasts and advocates. In this blog post, we will explore the details of the plan and how it positively impacts solar power users across the region.

What is the Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Price Plan?

The Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Price Plan is a progressive initiative designed to offer Ontario electricity customers significantly reduced electricity rates during the overnight hours. By opting into this program, residents can take advantage of lower energy costs while promoting efficient and sustainable energy usage.

Benefits for Solar Power Consumers

Wind Turbines against Sunset

Increased Savings: Solar power users can benefit greatly from this price plan as they often generate excess electricity during the day, which can be stored for use during nighttime. By utilizing the ultra-low overnight rates, solar power consumers can maximize their savings by charging their solar battery systems and electric vehicles during off-peak hours. 

Grid Relief: The plan encourages electric vehicle (EV) owners to charge their vehicles during the night when demand is traditionally lower. This off-peak charging not only reduces strain on the power grid but also ensures a more balanced distribution of electricity throughout the day, aligning with the goals of sustainable energy management.

Incentivizing Solar Adoption: The introduction of the Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Price Plan serves as a powerful incentive for residents to adopt solar power systems. The ability to take advantage of reduced rates during nighttime consumption enhances the attractiveness of solar energy, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for Ontario.

Participating Utilities

Beginning May 1, customers of various utility providers, including Toronto Hydro, London Hydro, Centre Wellington Hydro, Hearst Power, Renfrew Hydro, Wasaga Distribution, and Sioux Lookout Hydro, will have the option to enroll in the Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan. This widespread implementation ensures that a significant portion of Ontario residents can access the benefits of this innovative pricing structure.

Advantages for Battery Application

Cost-Effective Charging: The Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan presents a significant advantage for battery users, including those with solar battery systems and electric vehicles. By taking advantage of the ultra-low rates during the overnight hours, battery owners can charge their devices at a fraction of the cost compared to peak hours. This cost-effectiveness translates into substantial savings over time and enhances the overall economic viability of utilizing battery technology.

Maximizing Self-Consumption: Solar power users who have installed battery storage systems can optimize their energy consumption by charging their batteries during the ultra-low overnight hours. This approach allows them to store excess solar energy generated during the day and use it when electricity rates are higher or during periods of limited solar generation. By strategically managing their battery charging and discharging cycles, users can reduce their reliance on the grid, further lowering their energy costs and promoting self-sufficiency.

Off-Peak Charging for Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicle owners also benefit greatly from the Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan. The plan incentivizes charging EVs during off-peak hours, aligning with the typical charging patterns of EV owners who charge their vehicles at home overnight. By taking advantage of the ultra-low rates, EV owners can conveniently charge their vehicles at a lower cost, making electric transportation even more affordable and accessible.

Grid Stabilization: The Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan contributes to grid stability by encouraging battery owners to charge their devices during off-peak hours. By distributing the charging load more evenly throughout the day, the strain on the power grid is reduced, minimizing the risk of grid instability and the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. This benefits not only battery users but also the overall reliability and efficiency of the electricity system.

Environmental Impact: Utilizing batteries efficiently supports the integration of renewable energy sources and reduces reliance on fossil fuel-based power generation. By enabling battery users to take advantage of the ultra-low overnight rates, the Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan promotes the effective utilization of energy storage systems, allowing them to store and release clean energy when it is most beneficial. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Minister's Statement

Ontario's Minister of Energy, Todd Smith, expressed his enthusiasm for the new plan, stating, "[T]he new Ultra-Low Overnight price plan will give families and small businesses who use more electricity overnight more ways to save." This statement reinforces the government's commitment to empowering consumers and promoting sustainable energy practices.


The launch of the Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Price Plan in Ontario marks a significant milestone in the province's journey towards sustainable energy management. For solar power enthusiasts and consumers, this new pricing structure offers increased savings, promotes grid stability, and incentivizes the adoption of solar power systems. By taking advantage of reduced rates during off-peak hours, solar power users can play an active role in building a greener and more environmentally conscious Ontario. With the plan set to be implemented by various utility providers in the coming months, now is an opportune time for residents to explore the benefits of solar energy and embrace the exciting opportunities offered by this forward-thinking initiative.


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