3 Simple Steps to Canada's Greener Homes Grant for Solar Projects

Ever felt hesitant about converting your house to be more energy efficient? Worried about waiting 8+ years to see your solar investment come back into your pockets in the form of savings? Snap out of it! This is the perfect time to squash those thoughts because with the Canada Greener Homes Grant, the federal government could shave YEARS OFF your payback time!

3 Areas to Save - 💲 Dollar Breakdown 💲

Up to $5,600 are up for grabs with this incentive, and no there is no catch… this value is very attainable to receive, allow me to explain. There are 3 areas to capitalize on, cha-ching!

  1. Pre & Post-Retrofit Evaluation ($600) - This is done by an EnerGuide advisor coming to your home and making sure your home is eligible (for solar systems almost all are). You can receive up to $600 in reimbursements for these evaluations.
  2. Installation For Solar System ($5,000) - For every kW (Kilo Watt) of energy that your solar panels are rated for at peak capacity you will receive $1,000. (Example 1. Three 400W panels are rated at 1.2 kW total peak capacity, you would receive $1,000. Ex2. Thirteen 400W panels are rated at 5.2 kW total so you would receive $5,000).
  3. Batteries for Solar System ($1,000) - Lets say you don't reach 5 kW of rated peak capacity for your system. You still need other components to go along with your system, including a battery. Take advantage of that and receive up to $1,000 for purchasing a battery.

                   Note: Needs to specifically be used for your solar system.

Very Important Notes

  • Your home must be over 6 months old and it must be your primary residence.
  • System must be composed of PV (photovoltaic) panels that are CSA Certified.
  • All products used for the incentive must be purchased by a Canadian distributor.

Solar Power Stores is a Canadian distributor and has 310W PV solar panels available that are CSA Certified. LINK

Off-Grid and Isolated Homes Loan

Off grid and isolated northern home owners can receive an interest free loan up to $40,000 to help with the purchase of retrofit projects qualifying under the Greener Homes Grant this summer. This is not currently available so there is not much information on this yet, but this page has a signup so you can be notified when this loan becomes available.

Canada’s Support for Renewable Energy

All in all, Canada plans to give out $2.4 Billion to increase the energy efficiency of 700,000 homes! This is a great step in getting people to notice and experience the value of reducing our energy consumption. Kudos to the federal government for making your project payback that much quicker for energy efficient changes around your house!

Message a Solar Power Store representative HERE for help building your system to take advantage and get those incentive dollars!

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