10kw Growatt Grid Tied Kit - All Black Or Bi-facial Solar Panels -String Inverter 10kw Grid Tied Kit - Optional Back Up Battery - Roof or Ground Mount Options Available - MEETS The Canada Green Homes Grant Requirement - Ships from Canada, Canadian Support


Mounting Hardware: CSI 395 All Black - No Roof Mounting Included [10kw/9.8kw]
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Solar Power Grid-Tied Package: Eligible for Canada Green Homes Grant—Up to $5000 in Rebates and 0% 10-Year Loan





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Harness the power of the sun and unlock incredible savings with our comprehensive Solar Power Grid-Tied Package, fully compliant with the Canada Green Homes Grant. This means you're eligible for up to $5000 in rebates and a 0% interest 10-year loan, making your transition to renewable energy more affordable than ever. Choose from four distinct package variations, all backed by trusted Canadian support and shipped directly from our warehouse in Barrie, ON. Each package comes with a personalized site plan tailored to your needs and specialized assistance for permitting and hydro net metering applications.

Package Variations

1. Canadian Solar 395W All-Black Panels

  • Features Canadian Solar’s highly efficient and aesthetic all-black 395W panels.
  • Includes Tigo TS4-A-Solar Optimizers for optimal efficiency and monitoring.

2. Canadian Solar 395W All-Black Panels + Kinetic Roofing Hardware

  • Comes with Canadian Solar 395W all-black panels and reliable roofing hardware from Kinetic, using the RT MINI II base.
  • Also includes Tigo TS4-A-Solar Optimizers for enhanced performance and safety.

3. JA 550W Bi-Facial Panels

  • Powered by JA Solar's cutting-edge 550W Bi-Facial panels, offering increased energy yield.
  • Maximizes sunlight absorption with panels that capture light from both sides.

4. JA 550W Bi-Facial Panels + 16 Panel Angle Adjustable Ground Mount (5.5ft above ground)

  • Includes JA Solar 550W Bi-Facial panels and a 16-panel angle-adjustable ground mount, elevated 5.5ft above the ground.
  • Captures light from both sides for unparalleled energy production.

Inverter Technology

All packages come with the reliable and efficient Growatt 10.0MIN Grid-Tied/Hybrid inverter, ensuring top-tier performance and smart monitoring capabilities.

Canadian Support

Our Canadian-based support ensures you get timely and effective assistance whenever you need it.

Customized Site Plan

Upon purchase, our representative will reach out to collect specific details to develop a customized site plan that aligns perfectly with your personal project.

Permitting and Net Metering Application Support

Our team will help you navigate the required permitting and hydro net metering application processes, simplifying your move to clean energy.

Special Features

Tigo TS4-A-Solar Optimizers (For Canadian Solar 395W Packages)

  • Enhance system performance with dynamic MPPT.
  • Includes safety features and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Bi-Facial Panels (For JA Solar 550W Packages)

  • Increase your energy yield by up to 20% thanks to panels that absorb sunlight from both front and rear sides.
  • Excellent performance under a variety of light conditions.

Canada Green Homes Grant

This package is eligible for the Canada Green Homes Grant, providing you with up to $5000 in rebates and access to a 0% interest 10-year loan. This makes your investment in renewable energy both financially rewarding and environmentally responsible.

Shipping Information

All packages are shipped from our warehouse in Barrie, ON, ensuring quick and dependable delivery.

Embark on a journey towards energy independence and a more sustainable future with Solarpowerstore.ca. Your customized solar solution awaits!


The Sol Ark 15K Hybrid Inverter with PYTES 48V 100AH EBOX is a comprehensive solar energy solution package that is UL9540 and UL9540A certified, ensuring high levels of safety and reliability.

This package includes a hybrid inverter that can efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity, a powerful PYTES EBOX battery to store excess energy, and optional roof racking or ground mount for easy installation. With its advanced technology, the Sol Ark 15K Hybrid Inverter with PYTES 48V 100AH EBOX can help homeowners and businesses reduce their reliance on the grid and save on energy costs while minimizing their carbon footprint.

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